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151 - Hot Dog Pop

2022-08-31 / 00:25:43

A frozen treat, Robb went to the theatre, and John is on the precipice of owning another gaming device.

150 - Ice Cream Coming Out Both Ends

2022-08-17 / 00:23:17

Fast food and Apple betas!

149 - They Released Justice League on Purpose, Twice

2022-08-03 / 00:20:06

Cancelled movies, new Pokemon, and pickle pizza.

148 - I Love a Good Pickle

2022-07-20 / 00:26:45

Robb experiences some weather, they both play some new games, and John thinks about gaming on the Mac.

147 - They Have Different Flavours

2022-06-29 / 00:17:14

John sets up his new desk, they both buy TVs, and Robb is excited for one single game.