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161 - A Year of DLC

2023-03-08 / 00:29:34

Pizza ovens, gaming laptops, and baby things.

Pizza ovens, gaming laptops, and baby things.

Ooni Volt 12 | Electric Pizza Oven | Explore — Ooni United Kingdom

Legion Pro 7i Gen 8 (16″ Intel) | AI-tuned, high-performance gaming laptop | Lenovo UK

The Last of Us (TV series) - Wikipedia

The Cast of Us - a podcast from The Incomparable

160 - The Best Mumble Growl I Can

2023-02-22 / 00:32:39

Game streaming and movies about _family_.

159 - Memoji Meeting

2023-02-01 / 00:24:26

RIP to the Playstation Plus collection, Hi-Fi Rush, The Last of Us (game), and we go on a tear about Apple products.

158 - I Couldn't Be Less Excited

2023-01-18 / 00:33:27

HomePods, the death of third-party Twitter apps, and The Last of Us.

157 - VR Feedbag

2023-01-05 / 00:34:35

It's John's birthday _and_ CES week! How's your CES? Some Mastodon and discussion as well.