A podcast about the web, games, and terrible food.

Hosted by Robb Knight and John Voorhees on the 'don

188 - Crunchy Air

2024-07-09 / 32:05

John tries some fruit popcorn, an EchoFeed and Threads update, then they discuss some new tech that's actually interesting.

Clean Snacks | Organic Summer Popcorn | LesserEvil Organic Popcorn – LesserEvil Snacks

Club MacStories

CMF Phone 1

The CMF phone controller concept

Nothing Ear (a) wireless earbuds

NPC: Next Portable Console Podcast

187 - Robots Dot Robb

2024-06-25 / 31:47

John tried a pork rind and then they get into the drama of the week: AI.

186 - A Wallet-Trembling Show

2024-06-11 / 36:44

New podcasts, the Ruminate intro song is back, snack news, some keyboard accessories, and an alternative to the small web.

185 - I'll Eat Glue Cheese

2024-05-28 / 30:01

John goes to Applebee's and a new game store, they both check out the new Legend of Zelda Lego, Robb launched a new project, then they head into AI corner.

184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom

2024-05-14 / 36:44

184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom Snack follow up, a WeblogPoMo progress update, the 100 best albums, and AI on iOS.