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Hosted by Robb Knight and John Voorhees on the 'don

184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom

2024-05-14 / 36:44

184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom

Snack follow up, a WeblogPoMo progress update, the 100 best albums, and AI on iOS.

Herr's Carolina Reaper Flavoured Cheese Curls - 1oz (28.4g) - American Fizz

The rack of KitKats

#WeblogPoMo • Robb Knight

7622 - Why I spell my name with two Bs

Apple Music celebrates the launch of inaugural 100 Best Albums list - Apple

100 Best Albums (Robb's Version)

App Store stopped over $7 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions - Apple

183 - You Could Get a Big Can in There

2024-04-30 / 29:03

More snacks than you can shake a stick at, Weblog posting month 2024, Raycast experiments, and some new game controllers.

182 - Straight to the Eggplant and Peach

2024-04-16 / 33:47

John has more pickle snacks, Robb bought a new keyboard, and John grills Robb on what exactly EchoFeed is.

181 - A Dusting of Dill

2024-04-02 / 31:23

Starting with some very old follow up, John has a story about Dominos, they both have a near-miss on being April-fooled, then into a discussion about webmentions, plus a little bit about Arc.

180 - Spoilers for Colin

2024-03-17 / 32:11

180 - Spoilers for Colin Ruminate joins MacStories then some follow up on the AI/Arc discussion, Tim Berners-Lee’s open letter, Robb explains Colin the Caterpillar, and John dives into Southern food. Ruminate is now part of MacStories   AI...