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170 - The Year of Linux at My House

2023-09-26 / 00:29:20

Homekit impulse buying, St Jude fundraising, and breaking gaming news.

169 - Yank It Out From the Front

2023-08-29 / 00:23:33

John got some new audio gear and reviews a game and Robb is fundraising whilst coming up with the punniest name ever. And then Obsidian.

168 - I Don't Use Horses

2023-08-15 / 00:26:22

John pottered around Hyrule, Robb bought a cassette, and then John has a new toy to fiddle with.

167 - Ten Seems Like a Lot

2023-07-19 / 00:22:54

Robb attempts to describe Monster Munch, John watches a 7 year old show, and they discuss podcast durations.

166 - I Don't Want the App Store to Run Out

2023-07-04 / 00:30:35

Robb messes around in Finder and starts a new podcast. They both have some thoughts about Threads. Plus a Ruminate Exclusive™.