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78 - It Has All the Stuff

2019-01-10 / 00:31:44

New York, Jet Lag, a mess, timezones are hard, and flight complaints.

Robb Lewis on Twitter: "I walked to the top and now I'm dead @ Statue Of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York City"

Madison Square Park, NYC - Shake Shack

John's Pizzeria​ Of Bleecker Street - John's Of Bleeker Street

My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2018 Edition – MacStories

Consumption of Tide Pods - Wikipedia

Robb Lewis on Twitter: "Wasting good food.… "

Spider-Man (2018 video game) - Wikipedia

God of War (2018 video game) - Wikipedia

New Super Mario Bros. U - Wikipedia

Detroit: Become Human - Wikipedia

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Wikipedia