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172 - Big Knowledge Boys

2023-10-24 / 00:33:28

Robb bought some popcorn, John bought some lager, and they both do some file management.

KFC Popcorn Chicken Flavoured Chicken

O Davidson Lager - NoDa Brewing Company - Untappd

Hi Andrew, Jason, and Martin again 👋

The Johnny Decimal System

Hemispheric Views 096: Johnny Decimalised!

Robb's Johnny Decimal Areas:

00-09 System
10-19 Home and Family
20-29 Podcasts
30-39 Resources
40-49 Hobbies
50-59 Media

scambier/obsidian-omnisearch: A search engine that "just works" for Obsidian. Supports OCR and PDF indexing.

farux/obsidian-auto-note-mover: This is a plugin for Obsidian (

Super Mario Bros. Wonder | Nintendo Switch games | Games | Nintendo

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - PS5 Exclusive | PlayStation (UK)

John's new book coming soon!

The Capitulation System