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135 - Avoid the Fuzzy Rug

Episode Summary

Roomba updates, Hot Wheels, Deathloop, and more.

Episode Notes

Roomba updates, Hot Wheels, Deathloop, and more.

Homepage | Hot Wheels

"DEATHLOOP” | Official Website | First-Person Action from Arkane Lyon |

Alan Wake Remastered

Ben on Twitter: "It seems the new Rockstar Launcher update from today has began preparing for the new remasters for the GTA Trilogy." / Twitter

Orthur on Twitter: "Leak : Unlocking GeForce NOW reveals a huge list of games, including long rumored GTA Trilogy! You can even do it yourself to check the list. Source :" / Twitter

Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Wikipedia

Serious Park News on Twitter: "EXCLUSIVE: In honor of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary, select delis and park quick service restaurants will offer limited edition Mr. Toad Sandwich Loaf for sandwiches." / Twitter

Feldhues Billy Bear Ham 100g | Sainsbury's